Hello! I am a design leader with 15 years of experience in consumer and enterprise products. I build high-performance UX teams that advance research and design at Silicon Valley tech companies.

Products I launched, serve over 100 million users with 20 million monthly active customers. Processes that I implemented, contributed to user growth, customer retention, and over $10 million dollars of new and incremental revenue.

For project inquiries, connect with me on LinkedIn or twitter @VJNotes
For portfolio link: Email me 


❝Vijay is highly regarded by his peers as a visionary leader… He has fostered an environment of product innovation and strategy through influencing and challenging the minds of all levels from the employee to the CEO…❞ – Karla, Director of Loyalty

❝It’s not often I give people credit for revolutionizing an entire department, but that’s what happened when Vijay started…❞ – Daren, Creative Director